‘Episode VII’ set using Cliff Chiang ‘Star Wars’ poster to curb the f**king leaks


Cliff Chiang produced a gorgeous poster back in the day. Before Star Wars Lived Again. Now said poster is being employed around STAR WARS FILMING CENTRAL HUB to remind motherfuckers to stop leaking EVERY GODDAMN THING.

Robot 6:

In 2010, a time when the Star Wars prequels still lingered as a bitter aftertaste, Cliff Chiang created a set of postersthat embraced both the franchise’s classic characters and the imagery of World War II-era propaganda campaigns– right down to the Empire’s version of “Loose lips sink ships.”

Now fast-forward four years, to a time when fans eagerly search for even the smallest details about director J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII, which will not only launch a new trilogy, but a new era. The latest scrap of information from the film’s set comes courtesy of veteran producer Frank Marshall — husband of Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy — who tweeted a photo of the warning that greets visitors at Pinewood Studios: Chang’s poster that oh-so-gently reminds us, “Loose Lips Bring Down Starships.”

Loose Lips!