Weekend Open Bar: Trailer Park Space-Ship

My Anaconda Wants Some.

Hey friends! Pull up a stool. Pound your beverage of choice. Be it monkey urine, which is empirically proven to make you stronger, and run faster. Like the Reebok Pumps of liquids. Or be it alcohol, which will make me more appealing, and less annoying in your eyes! Whatever you drink of choice, slam it down and then enter this column. Weekend Open Bar. Where we shoot the shit for the 48 hours that The Man lets us have to pretend we live fulfilling lives. Or, if you have to work, bitch in here about how the Weekend Grind is a condemnable offense in the Eyes of the Lords of Kobol.

Share it all! Movies you’re seeing, gifs you’re finding yourself aroused by, video games you’re playing, foods you’re planning to consume.

Let’s have some fun.