Microsoft all like, “Wanna buy Xbox Entertainment Studios”?

Steve Ballmer is ready.

Last month, Microsoft killed Xbox Entertainment Studios. This month, it seems like they’re trying to pawn the dead-not-dead original programming company off onto anĀ sucker interested party. So far, that sucker interested party seems to be Warner Bros.

Following last month’s closure of Xbox Entertainment Studios, parent company Microsoft is seeking a buyer for its erstwhile video production division, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Though a full list of interested parties has not been revealed, the Hollywood Reporter claims that Microsoft has had “preliminary talks” with Warner Bros. regarding a potential sale. If that sale were to go through, the Hollywood Reporter believes Warner Bros. would merge Xbox Entertainment Studios with YouTube gaming hub Machinima. A Warner Bros. representative, however, cautions that negotiations between the media group and Microsoft are still in the very early stages and no sort of deal has been reached between the two corporations.

In the meantime, Microsoft remains committed to select Xbox Entertainment Studios projects, such as the Halo: Nightfall television series and Quantum Break.