Monday Morning Commute: A Wave Of Babies!


Que pasa, friends. Caff-Pow here, still a bit ragged from a wonderful weekend at Boston Comic Con. But soldier on, I shall. Sally forth, I must. So into the ditches of minutiae, I plunge. This is Monday Morning Commute. A post dedicated to answering the simple (or maddeningly complex) question: what are you looking forward to this week? What are you up to? Excited about? Don’t be shy, I’ll go first.

Sort of obsessing over: Destiny‘s release. So far away.


Been rocking Animals As Leaders‘ entire discography lately. Hard.

Here’s some Boston Comic Con booth pics.

A Wild Riff

Uncle George


Censorship Sucks

Italian Model

I am hoping Let’s Be Cops doesn’t suck. Not confident.


I guess that’s about it for me! How about you? Throw some awesomeness my way.