Netflix Content Czar: Totally positive ‘Arrested Development’ will get fifth season

Arrested Development

Good news, fans of Arrested Development. The Head Czar Overlord of Netflix Content is like totally positive that the show will get a fifth season. You know, when time constraints and schedules and everything allows for the cast to come together or some shit. I say forget having episodes focused on individual characters, why not have the show go full claymation? Then the actors can just record their dialogue into their cell phones in-between takes on their various movie sets. #Trolling? #ProllyTrolling #DefinitelyTrolling

Netflix content chief Ted Sarandos is “positive” that a fifth season of Arrested Development is on the way. “It’s just a matter of when,” he recently told USA Today. Sarandos also admitted that getting the show’s cast together to make season four proved to be a challenge; fans disappointed about a lack of scenes involving the whole ensemble have “a valid criticism,” he said. For the fourth season, each episode revolved around a single Bluth, a creative decision that was clearly influenced by talent constraints.

Presumably Netflix and Mitch Hurwitz would try to do better if there is indeed another season, though Arrested Development’s stars are still plenty busy with other acting commitments. Showrunners are likely to face the exact same challenge, so it will be interesting to see if Hurwitz pursues a similar story structure or holds off in hopes of really getting everyone together — which could prove nearly impossible. During the interview, Sarandos also reiterated that Orange is the New Black remains Netflix’s most popular original series. He’s been surprised by ‘the size and scope of Orange and how mainstream it’s become,” though we wouldn’t expect to hear otherwise from Netflix’s content boss.

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