LOL! – ‘Ant-Man’ is getting another pair of writers for rewrite


Yes, Ant-Man. Yes! Continue to mutate into some abomination. Slough off your Wright-Cornish skin. Waddle through the comedic mud of Adam McKay. But! But continue your metamorphosis! Let us not stop tweaking this script until every ounce of Inspired Auteur has been left in the rubbish pile, replaced with the Clarion Call of Meddling and Wasted Potential!

So, do you want to know just how far away from Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish’s vision for “Ant-Man” Marvel wants to move from? Well, creative differences already bounced Wright from helming the film, the script got a punch up by Adam McKay, and Peyton Reed is now directing. But apparently, that’s not all.

According to Latino Review, Gabriel Ferrari and Andrew Barrer have been hired on to rewrite the script, while also serving as production writers during the shoot (which is not unusual for Hollywood blockbusters). It’s not clear how the final credits on this thing will work out—the WGA will eventually sort that—but the pair have turned heads with their “Die In A Gunfight” script, which landed on the Black List a few years ago, and they are also involved with the “Sabrina The Teenage Witch” remake which is … something… [Play List]