Rumor: First BATFLECK solo movie dropping in 2019


When is the first Batfleck solo movie dropping? Apparently 2019, which will mark it as a staggering nine fucking years since The Dark Guy Survives An Atomic Bomb.

WB is trying to catch up badly and while their plan hasn’t been officially confirmed, it appears to be one film every year starting in 2016 and even two major super hero films in 2017 (one of them being “Justice League” another being a stand alone “Wonder Woman” film). It will contribute to a pile-up that is twenty three super hero movies from four major film studios over the next four years. But what about beyond 2018? Well, Marvel already has a rough plan that allegedly takes them up to 2028. But the other studios?

Well, apparently WB/D.C. have one more up their sleeve. While next is “Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice” in summer 2016 and a “Man Of Steel 2” has been rumored for summer 2018, what about Bruce Wayne? Well, speaking of… Latino Review is reporting that WB has a solo Batman planned for 2019. The working title? Apparently it’s “The Batman.” Why such a long break? Well, Affleck is finally going to take a super hero break in 2015 to direct his long-gestating drama, “Live By Night” (which will open in 2016). No details on what that movie could entail, but LR suggests its possible Affleck could direct it too. We suppose, but that would also be some heavy double-duty detail. More info when it arrives. Keep the Bat-signal up until then. [Play List]