‘GHOSTBUSTERS’ haunting theaters this year for 30th Anniversary Celebration


Oh man. Somewhere right now in this Universe our own Rendar Frankenstein is arching his back in a pants-splitting ejaculation rocket. Yes, it’s true. We are telepathically connected. Yes, this means I get strange boners in the middle of the night when he’s watching Only God Forgives for the 300th time in order to write a term paper about Lacanian Something Such. But it also means that *me* knowing about a Ghostbusters return to theaters means *he* also does. And I imagine he’s happy.

Who you gonna call? Well, you might want to notify any friends or family who are “Ghostbusters” fans, because they’ll have a chance to get slimed, cinematically, all over again and celebrate the film’s 30th anniversary at the same time.

Even though June 8th is technically the release date birthday for “Ghostbusters,” Sony has decided to drop the movie in theatres on the traditionally dead Labor Day weekend to highlight the occasion. The rollout will land on a decent 700 plus screens, which means if you’re in or adjacent to a large city, you should be set. And hell, a chance to cap off the summer with this comedy classic on the big screen? Well, sounds pretty good to us, we have to admit. [Play List]