Edgar Wright.

TL:DR EDITION FOLKS: Edgar Wright has left Ant-Man over a fucking dreadful script rewrite. A rewrite that wasn’t brought on by Kevin Feige, but rather high-up Disney No Knowing Dick Lord Czars. Maybe just as concerning? Joss Whedon supports Wright, so lord knows if the Fanboy King will persist in the MCU after finishing Avengers: Age of Ultron.

What went wrong? Well, Latino-Review has the alleged scoop what what we’ve been hearing too: a recent script rewrite that was a dealbreaker for Wright. What did Marvel want? Well, you can probably imagine, more integration with the current Marvel Universe, issues with the “core morality” of the characters (Ant-Man likely being a thief at least at first), and the inclusion of MCU franchise characters. Wright and Cornish evidently did a rewrite to address these concerns, but Marvel pulled a dumb move: giving the script to low-level in-house Marvel writers to move the screenplay closer to the studios wishes.

Evidently that homogenized version of the script just came in, Wright hated it and almost immediately announced that he was leaving (evidently he met with them yesterday and the announcement the he was leaving was just a few hours later).

Latino Review hints that the issues came from the brass higher up than Kevin Feige and this makes sense. Feige worked with Wright for many years to get the screenplay to the right place. And having been there all along, it’s doubtful someone who had shepherded the script would all of a sudden do an about face. [Play List]

How does Joss Whedon feel?


Whedon holding up a Cornetto (a hallmark of Wright’s throughout his Trilogy of films) in solidarity. Buckle up, folks. And wake-up, Disney. You’ve succeeded because despite the strictures of the Marvel Movie Machinery in all its ugliness, you’ve allowed talented people to flex their creativity.