Monday Morning Commute: Disposable Zeroes

Disposable Zeroes

Come one, come all!

Step right up to the MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE! This is the carny freakshow extraordinaire, spectacular spectacle  for all of us disposable zeroes who’ve climbed aboard Spaceship OL. What’re we doin’ here? Well, we’re goin’ to show off the various ways we’ll entertain ourselves throughout the course of the workweek.

`Cause without music and movies and television and comics and action figures and greasy burgers, what’s the goddamn point?

Let’s do this!


Baskin’ in the feelin’ of being AWAKE with Tycho’s newest album.


Raisin’ my glass in honor of MAD MEN as I watch the first episode of its FINAL SEASON.


Four day workweek? Feelin’ like Angela Meade as I have A VERY GOOD FRIDAY!


The high holy season is upon us: Watchin’ the STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS!


So that’s my week — television and a day off and high-stakes hockey and electronic music.

What’re you up to these days?