Obvious ‘EPISODE VII’ casting news: The Furball Is Back


Like, did we not expect Chewbacca back in the Star Wars: Greatest Hits Edition fold? I mean, c’mon. However I do suppose that the news which pretty much confirms Peter Mayhew’s return is radical in another manner. That manner? That they’re using the original actor. Pretty swell. Remember the seventy shades of bullshit that struck when Lucas didn’t use Prowse for Episode III?

According to a tweet from Texas International Comic Con, Peter Mayhew had to cancel his appearance due to filming commitments. Since the event was scheduled for 23 May, 2014 and Star Wars Episode VII is set to begin filming in May, that’s led to understandable speculation that he’s cancelling the appearance to be in the movie. As is always the case with Star Warscasting, there has been no confirmation of this, but it could be that he’s returning as either Chewbacca or some kind of other cameo. [io9]