Monday Morning Commute: Oh, I’ll Tell You About the Goddamn Rabbits.

The Goddamn Rabbits


Welcome to the MONDAY MORNING COMMUTE! What do we do here? Well, we discuss the various bites of nonsense we’ll be crammin’ into our skull-holes. Why do we have to do this? Well, if we don’t surround our brain-bones with inspiring, ridiculous, entertaining detritus, then there’s a chance that the bad vibes might get in. And bad vibes are to minds what termites are to wood.

You remember what the termites did to Grampy’s pirate leg, right?

So hop into the frenzy and show off what you’ll be doin’ this week!


Losin’ my goddamn mind as WINTER SOLDIER ANTICIPATIN’ takes up most of my time!




Tryin’ to identify with the youth by READIN’ CATCHING FIRE about four years too late.


Lovin’ Marc Maron’s reading of THE SHOELACE by Charles Bukowski.


So it looks like I’m spending this week with superheroes and rappers and dystopian heroines and dark poets.

Who’re you hangin’ with this weekend?