Captain America

Yo. Fuck Batman Vs. Superman. In 2016 we’re finally getting Marvel vs. DC. A couple of days ago, Kevin Feige had chuckled. Hocked up what sounded like phlegm, and spit out what look like a nail. He had been asked if Marvel was going to movie their at the time Unnamed Movie away from its May 6, 2016 date. You see, that’s the day Batman vs. Superman was dropping. Not only is Marvel not moving their moving, they’re dropping a fucking hammer that day (or is it a shield?).

I love this.

The answer to the question of what Marvel film would dare challengeBatman vs. Supermanhas been revealed: It’ll be Captain America 3, directed by the Russo Brothers.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news of the release date.

Wednesday, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige told /Film, despite DC’s Batman vs. Superman scheduling itself on the same date Marvel had already picked in May 2016, Marvel would not move. At the time, Feige wouldn’t say what film that would be but with buzz on Captain America: The Winter Solider so solid, it tracking for a near $100 million opening weekend and Joe and Anthony Russo already confirmed to direct, Captain America 3 is the furthest along of the rumored 2016 Marvel movies. It taking that spot make senses.

Captain America 3 will be the first of two Marvel films released in 2016. And, if it holds, odds are Doctor Strange would be the second one. A release later on July 8, 2016 would put less pressure on the new franchise (a strategy similar to Guardians of the Galaxy this year andAnt-Man next year) plus give more time to develop the magical world of the character on the page and screen.

Now eyes turn to Warner Bros. where Hey U Guys reports there are already rumblings of the Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel potentially moving up one week into April. Reportedly, a Brazilian website says Batman vs. Superman will be released on April 28 in that country and the U.S. release date could move too. That is not confirmed, but it’s a rumor and an interesting one at that. If Captain America 3 and Batman vs. Supermanrelease on the same date, they would potentially suffer on their bottom line. Of note though, big blockbusters opening a week early in foreign countries is a pretty standard practice.[/Film]

This sort of epic throwdown is a long time in the making, and I love the confidence over at Marvel. Kevin Feige all throwing his beefy nuts on the table and being like “I know how big and beautiful these are”, Marvel #1 scarified deep into his  scrotum. If one of them is going to blink, I imagine it’s BvS.