Star Wars.

The Episode VII script was junked. George Lucas caterwauled.  Now Abrams is in the hood, unfucking the script from scratch with Larry Kasdan. No problem, right? It’s just that, you know, the movie is due out in two years.

No, Disney, you won’t be getting the Star Wars: Episode VII script for Christmas. How about some time after New Year’s?

It sounds like that’s when J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan will be handing in the Star Wars sequel screenplay, according to Disney chairman Alan Horn.

Horn was speaking at a Variety event today, and his comments were reported by Marc Graser. Here are the exact tweets from Graser: “Disney expects to get script for Star Wars 7 in January. No budget for movie although studio wouldn’t be surprised if it costs $200 million.” And “Disney expects a Star Wars related movie (including spin offs) every year from Lucasfilm. #StarWars”


Maybe it’s because I’m a fanboy, but I’m not that concerned. It’s worth noting what a fucking seat of the pants nightmare Whedon’s run on the Avengers script was, straight down to corporate-mandated narrative beats. So listen I’d take Whedon over Abrams any day of the week, but at least the precedence for this sort of madness resulting in a good movie exists.