MMC - Word.

Ohhh, it’s hotter than a mofuckah’ out there. (There being the Eastern Seaboard, Empire Proper.) How are you friends and foes of the site doing today? I hope you’re doing well. This is Monday Morning Commute. Ya’ll know how it goes down around these parts. Unless you’re an innocent passerby. In which case I say: RUN! But if you’re not going to run, I should probably explain it to you. Within these virtual walls, we explain what we’re up to this week. Share the arts, farts, and life activities carrying us through the next 24×7 hours or whatever.


World War Z.

Well fuck I guess I’m going to check out World War Z.
I didn’t read the book. Wasn’t expecting much out of the flick. However the initial deluge of quasi-positive reviews is enough to get my ass into the seat. I mean it’s spectacle (and for all my grousing about the lack of substance in this year’s line-up of popcorn flicks, I enjoy spectacle), and Brad Pitt. I’m a bit of a pushover.


The Last of Us.

Still playing Last of Us.
This game is lovely. And depressing. Haven’t gotten very far in yet, but I’m still going to give Naughty Dog props for refusing to pull their punches in this game. Boom! Pow! The cheesy sounds of them delivering gut-punch after gut-punch.


Hot Outside.

It’s hot out.
I don’t really care for the heat. Sweating my ass off. Pools of perspiration gathering in my armpits, butt crack, et cetera.

That said.

Isn’t this time of year sort of leisurely? Right around when the Fourth of July hits, it always feels like the next couple of months are a slow passage of time until the arrival of Autumn.


Batman - Year Zero.

Anyone else check out Batman: Year Zero?
Every time I get down on mainstream comics, people need to remind me how much I love the Snyder/Capullo run on Batman. Seriously. I cannot do it myself. The delusions, the manufactured angst, all of it clouds my judgment. The first issue of YZ is enough of a delectable twist on the mythos to get my nipples knotted up in glee.


Dexter the final season.

Snap, Dexter’s last season starts on Sunday.
The King shall be returning to the ring for the last season of Dexter. Or in less self-absorbed terms, I plan on chronicling the final descent of the Bay Harbor Butcher on the site. I haven’t been too hot to trot on the show the last couple of seasons. I’ll cop to that. But I mean, fuck. It’s the last season. If they can’t bring their fastball for the final thirteen (?) episodes, I’ll be surprised. Everything is more exciting when the Next Season isn’t looming overhead. Preventing the destruction of the Status Quo.

Anyone else pumped up for this?

What are you kids up to this week? You beautiful bitties.