Blade Runner.

If the shit show that was Prometheus didn’t talk you out of believing that the sequel to Blade Runner would be good, take a fat hit of this to your dome. The fucking writer for the bloody diarrhea monster that was Green Lantern has been brought aboard the project.

Abandon hope, all ye.

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So yes, there is a “Blade Runner” sequel happening, if somehow you missed the news. Last year, circa “Prometheus,” Ridley Scott spent a considerable amount of time talking up the movie, with news thatoriginal writer Hampton Fancher was working with the director on the story. But since then, much has been quiet about the project set up over at Alcon. Other than the news that Harrison Ford might return in a small role, some links between “Blade Runner” and “Prometheus” being discovered and Sean Young (of all people)saying she’s already met with Scott about the movie. All this to say, things are moving forward.

Screenwriter Michael Green (“Green Lantern,” “Robopocalypse”) has been tapped to write the screenplay for the movie, with The Wrap noting that the followup will be “set some years after the conclusion of the influential first film” and that Scott is “courting Harrison Ford to reprise his role as Rick Deckard.” It seems that between “Star Wars” and “Blade Runner,” Ford can’t escape his past. And that’s about all the details there are at the moment. But yes, “Blade Runner 2” is definitely real. And that’s not all.