Geekcraft: PC case goes ‘BORDERLANDS’ weapon cache.

Sexy case mod.

Borderlands 2, be still my fucking heart. I don’t know if I’ve poured more time into any one single game this generation. Finish a character? Replay. Finish that? Replay. Done? New character. So with that love in mind, I’m happy to show you this gorgeous case mod.


HardForum member “CrazyLefty” took his adoration for Gearbox Software’s Borderlands series to a new level of craftiness, modifying a case for his PC to resemble the in-game caches where weapons and ammo can be found.

“CrazyLefty” replicated the series’ color scheme and cell-shading effects with multiple layers of spray paint. According to his posts on HardForum, the goal was to “make it look like it had been sitting in the wastelands taking abuse.” The cell-shaded effect was achieved by accenting all edges on the case with a black sharpie, and the case was then “distressed” using a dremel with a grinding wheel to peel through some of the paint layers. For “aesthetics,” the creator also put metal braces into the sides to give it that grungy mechanical look.

For easy portability to LAN parties, “CrazyLefty” also crafted a stand and case for it. The stand is painted to look like one of the game’s exploding barrels, while the case is a Dahl dumpster crafted from wood and packaging foam. After dripping paint over it to “give it a really ugly look,” real garbage — coffee grinds, ketchup and tea are specifically mentioned — was used to make it look even grosser. Sharpie was again applied for a cell-shaded look and the box was beaten a little to make it look damaged.

For in-progress photos of the case and stand, check out posts by “CrazyLefty” at HardForum.