‘MAN OF STEEL DEETS and COVER upside your head courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.


Here’s a fabulous new cover featuring Kal-Cavil in his Supergarb, as well as some new Man of Steel details. Be forewarned that there are spoilers are afoot. Also, God help you if you didn’t know that already.


Everything that follows are facts about Man of Steel that haven’t been talked about at length yet, so beware of spoilers. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly.

The biggest reveal is that the film doesn’t have any kryptonite in it. Snyder felt like it was a cliche in the Superman universe and not a very relatable trait. Instead,  in the film, the character’s vulnerability is more rooted in his inability to fit in the world.

Also revealed, there’s tons of action:

Based on footage EW has seen, the film (which was directed by Zack Snyder and shepherded by Christopher Nolan) has plenty of building-smashing, train-slinging, heat-vision-blasting battles to cut through the emotional heaviness. “You want to give the audience great spectacle. You want them to go to the movie, be eating their popcorn and be like, ‘Wow!’” saysMan of Steel producer Chuck Roven, who also worked on The Dark Knight trilogy. “But it’s just not good enough to give them the ‘Wow.’ You want them to be emotionally engaged. Because if you just have the ‘wow,’ ultimately you get bludgeoned by that and you stop caring.”