Monday Morning Commute: DRINK DEEP THE ENNUI.


Remember how last week I was all excited for life? This week is the glorious inversion of such a feeling. A viscous ladling of ennui is rattling around my belly, daring me to frown. There isn’t so much a reason for me to be sad, rather I’m just like “oh hey, I exist.” Eh, what can you do. Some weeks are more thrilling than others. So I turn to you, dare readers, in this newest of Monday Morning Commutes. Tell me what you’re enjoying this week. Inspire me. I beseech thee. And thee. And thee.

Hit the jump for my tepid chocies for the next seven days.


Anticipating the Justified season finale.
One of my most recent OL-centric regrets is that I didn’t get around to running a Justified re-up on the weekly. Alas. Next season, always next season. The fourth wraps up this Tuesday, and I’m going to miss Han Solo and his wily pack of yokels. This season didn’t carry as much gravitas in terms of interpersonal Raylan bullshit. What it did have was excellent, and I’m more than fine with Givens using his detectiving (my word, fuck you) to solve a knotty mystery.


BioShock Infinite

I’m still playing BioShock Infinite, and I still love it.
I don’t find BioShock Infinite as revelatory as the original. That’s fine. Such a sentiment is more high-praise of Levine’s initial installment, than a condemnation of this newest gem. I haven’t beaten the game yet though, so who knows. Maybe by the final curtain drag, I’ll be blowing snot and following the others who have championed it as the game of the generation. Whatever becomes of my stance on Booker, Elizabeth, and the __________ (ha! no spoilers), what will be most resounding is my desire for another morsel from Levine’s mind. Don’t leave us hanging another six years, bro. Lord knows I may be dead, or worse off…have a kid. Who knows what my gaming schedule will be like with such difficulties.


Stacks on stacks on stacks.

I need to delve into my (virtual) stacks of unread comics.
Unforeseen drawback of buying my comics on the virtual side: I sometimes forget that I bought them. Like, see, you know. I snagged the latest issue of Prophet a couple of weeks ago, and since then the purchase has slid out of my brain. This sort of consciousness-based bleeding is to be expected from a guy who can’t go ten seconds with phase-shifting into a different point of conversation. So when I don’t have them physical rags staring me in the eyes every time I walk by my desk, I forget. Didn’t remember about said Prophet until I was taking a piss last night. The direct correlation between pissing and thinking about Brandon Graham and company propheting (heh) isn’t clear. I will leave that up to you folks and my psychiatrist to discern.



If I don’t go to the movies soon, I am going to lose it.
Attending the movies is one of my favorite past times. Unfortunately, said past time has been lacking in my life for pretty much all of 2K+13. I ain’t seen shit since Gangster Squad, and I think it is fair to say that viewing that was in fact seeing shit. Oh! Zinger! Not even the idea of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone rutting like wild stallions upon plains of corruption and drugs could get me through that flick with a smile. Also, fuck Sean Penn.

By the summer deluge next month, this dry spell will be forgotten. My synapses will be awash in spectacle. My eye-gourds will be mesmerized by Iron Men, Treks Into Darkness, Rimjobbing Kaiju, and the such. How do I bridge the game between now and then, though? How, how, how? I certainly want to see Spring BreakersOblivionTrance and the such. I just don’t know if they’re titillating enough to get me there.


What are you folks enjoying this week? Hit moi.