NYU STUDENT creates gel that stops bleeding instantly. MEDI-GEL GET.

The Future is Now.

I knew that Mass Effect was true. I just knew it. All those letters I have sent to Shepard care of The Citadel haven’t been in vain. Knew it, knew it! You doubt me? Check this fresh shit out. A college student has created a gel that stops bleeding instantly. Just like medi-gel, yo! Now we must prepare for the Reapers. You with me?

Boing Boing:

This video is a bit gruesome, but it is demonstrating a remarkable substance that can stop bleeding almost instantaneously. Jack Millner of Humans Invent interviewed NYU student Joe Landolina, the creator of Veti-Gel.

“In all of our tests we found we were able to immediately stop bleeding,” says Landolina. “Your skin has this thing called the extracellular matrix,” he explains. “It’s kind of a mesh of molecules and sugars and protein that holds your cells in place.” Landolina synthesises his own extracellular matrix (ECM) using plant polymers, which can form a liquid when broken up into pieces. He says, “So it goes into the wound and the pieces of the synthetic ECM in the gel will recognise the pieces of the real ECM in the wound and they’ll link together. It will re-assemble into something that looks like, feels like and acts like skin.”The gel that stops bleeding instantly