I get to do this now!


Hey there cool cats and pretty kitties of the Starship Omega! Pleasure to make your digital acquaintances. I am Nico The Intern. Some of you may know me from such things as, well, the comments section of this blog. Our fearless leader, Mr. Caff Power and the wonderful Eduardo Pluto have been kind enough to acknowledge my passionate levels of all around geek obsession and have asked me to be a contributing writer. I am honoured and humbled by their request and look forward to continuing to have funny, weird, thought-provoking discussions with you guys.

Couple of quick notes on me. I live and work in LA and am pretty immersed in the industry out here. I love movies and TV and spend an absurd amount of time learning anything and everything I can about what’s going on in terms of upcoming projects or currently running things that I adore. If there’s one way to get my heart rate up, (good OR bad) it’s to let me sweat over the fact that we’re rebooting Twilight Zone (AGAIN? Seriously?! Leave Rod alone, dammit.) or that Community’s fourth season will end in a cliffhanger. Oh, and all that non-information that keeps coming out regarding the newest Trek? Even knowing that I know nothing makes me downright giddy.

You can expect to hear me rant, rave and generally freak out over things that you may or may not care about. I’m just happy to have a place to word vom my feelings instead of sublimating them and creating ACTUAL stress vom, a totally disgusting truth/bane of my existence. To quote Community: I’m here to hang out, take weird classes and party as hearty as my morality clause allows!

So raise a glass of your finest poison or your weapon of choice in salute and let’s do this thing, nerds!