French company dropping refurbished SNES consoles in sexy pastel schemes.

Goddamn! These are gorgeous. Lekki is a French company that will swag you out wit wank-worthy renditions of old consoles. They’re currently tackling the shortage of pastel-colored SNES consoles in the PAL region. Dear French folks, bring me one. I beg you.


Lekki, a French company specialising in the restoration and resale of old electronic devices, has recently turned their eyes towards the PAL version of the Super Nintendo console.

Fixing old units, cleaning them up and giving them a new coat of paint, they’re not cheap—around €150—but considering the work that’s gone into it, and the fact you’ll be one of the only people on the planet with an orange SNES, for many it’ll be worth it. Especially since it also comes with a Super Mario World cartridge.

You can check out their store below (where they also sell Game Boys).

Super Nintendo [Lekki, via NWE]