The Dude’s High 5s: Horror Movie Icons

Happy Halloween everyone. Hopefully most of you will be spending the day watching cheesy horror flicks and handing out candy to children dressed as various characters from pop culture. I will not be doing either. I despise horror movies and I live in a neighborhood where trick or treating is not popular. However I’m willing to put my prejudice aside to bring you my top 5 iconic horror movie characters. Also, side note, I know virtually nothing about these characters, I am just shoehorning this one in there because it is Halloween and it makes sense. Feel free to lambaste me all you want.

5. Michael Myers

I don’t get the Halloween movies. For me, its one long ad for owning a gun. I’ll be totally honest, and please let me know in the comments, but Myers isn’t invincible like Jason is he? Can you just shoot him in the face? Either way, he’s certainly become such an iconic character. Who would have though a Shatner mask painted white would be more popular than the plain old Shatner mask?


4. Chucky

Chucky is another character that I just don’t get. Did no one in this would play soccer? Just kick him! I am not a small person, so to see a two foot doll that cannot weight more than 10 lbs take down larger opponents baffles me. I get it, he uses speed and stealth. Knowing this, I would force him into a confrontation that negates both … like an outdoor stadium … with bleachers or something.


3. Pin Head

He just looks like someone I wouldn’t want to mess with. The Hellraiser movies are pretty much just tourture-porn.

2. Freddy Kruger

This guy is a nightmare (I made a funny!). I have actually seen most of the Nightmare on Elm St. series. When I was a small lad, they did disturb me a bit, but eventually I found the premise rather stupid and stopped being afraid of them. All criticisms aside, Freddy is a cool character that transcends the horror genre, and that is a very rare thing.
1. Jason Voorhees

Like the Nightmare on Elm St. series, I’ve seen a fair amount of Friday the 13th movies. They are formulaic and predictable. However, you always feel good when Jason gets to kill someone. This is the thing I think sets Jason apart from most horror characters. We root for him … kinda. When its his time to “die”, we’re ready for him to go away. However before then, we love to see him kill and mutilate the captain of the football team, the sexy cheerleader, the bookish nerd, the sultry camp counselor, the stoner, the overconfident cop, and so on. Like Freddy, he’s bigger than the movie he’s in.


So, who is your favorite horror movie villain?