Disney World kicks dude out for looking TOO MUCH like Santa Claus. Harsh, yo.

What sort of hell do we live in, when two fat pigs of capitalistic child-warping can’t live in harmony? I beg you.

Unique Daily:

With his roly-poly body and bleached-white hair, mustache and beard, 52-year old Thomas Tolbert of Roswell, Ga., is a spitting image of Santa Claus. In June, during a weekend trip to Disney World with relatives, theme-park officials pulled Tolbert aside and ordered him to stop signing autographs, posing for photographs, and dressing to look like Santa. ‘I wasn’t wearing a red suit, a hat or black boots,’ Tolbert told NBC News, ‘just khaki pants, red high-top sneakers with green laces and a billowy, specially-made shirt decorated with a collage of Santa Claus heads and sayings from ‘The Night before Christmas… Tolbert is not the first to be asked to change his outfit at a Disney theme park. Citing the theme park’s dress policy, park recently officials asked April Spielman and her boyfriend to change out of their Tinker Bell and Peter Pan costumes.”

Not cool, man. Not cool.