$1,238,099.99 VIDEO GAME AUCTION Dares You To Up Your Game

This game auction is just, beast. Compiling complete collections across a litany of consoles. Buy this. Buy this for me.


For a minimum bid starting at a more than a million dollars, a collector is offering his entire catalog of video games for Nintendo home systems from the NES/Famicom through the GameCube, plus the full lineup of every game released on any Sega system—all of it in the box with original instructions.

Easily numbering more than 5,000 games, the collection comprises the full run of cartridges for the NES, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, GameCube and even the Virtual Boy-plus the full run of anything published for the Sega Master System, MegaDrive/Genesis, Game Gear, Saturn and Dreamcast. The Dreamcast collection itself, totaling 550 games, is advertised as factory sealed. All of it.

Further, “all games ever released on NEC systems, all factory sealed!” also is promised in the lot, given a buy-it-now price of 999,999.99 Euro, or $1,238,099.99 US at current exchange rates.

One would need uncommon industry access, presence of mind, or a freaking time machine, to assemble this sort of library, if the collection is on the level. But the lister vows it is, and welcomes any questions. “You can email me asking the presence of a specific title in a fullset,” he writes, “but you can be 99.9% sure it is present.”

Also, “I live in a pet-free/smoke-free home.”