Video: First Ever MRI Video Shows Childbirth From THE INSIDE OH JESUS.

Oh hey. Here’s an MRI video of a childbirth, capturing it from the inside. Yeah, no big deal. It just looks like an alien slithering machine of want-doom.


An international team of doctors and scientists announced in 2010 that it had recorded the world’s first video of childbirth using magnetic resonance imaging. Now, that footage has been released to the public. You have never seen childbirth like this.

According to New Scientist, the team relied on a technique known as cinematic MRI to observe the active second stage of labor (this is also known as the “expulsion phase” for what should be obvious reasons):

The technique… takes repeated images of the same slice of the body before joining them up to create an ultra-detailed video [featured below].

By using MRI, the team was able to examine the relationship between the movement of the fetus and its position as it travels through the birth canal, which should help doctors better manage labour and delivery.