EA President Still Wants ‘DEAD SPACE’ To Scare Fans; Then Why’d You Break The Game?

Ah, EA’s chief wunder-monster is trying to rally those of us Dead Space fans who point out that open-world action shooters aren’t what we want in an installment of the franchise. Unfortunately the shithead tips his hand when he drops the ubiquitous buzzword of the generation.


Viewing the gameplay demonstration of Dead Space 3 at Electronic Arts’ E3 keynote, my immediate reaction was “Well, that looks like a game I can play without dookieing on myself.” Others didn’t have such a positive reaction.

Frank Gibeau, the president of EA Labels told CVG that he’s heard the noise and that they “definitely do not want to piss off our fans” by toning down the horror content in Dead Space 3.

However, he then used the A-word—”We tried to open up the accessibility of the IP a little bit by adding a little bit more action,” he said, “but not undermining the horror.”

My guess is that the fans will be the judge of that when the game releases. Judging from instant reactions, what they saw at E3 looked largely like another gory shooter or action game with giant, marginally threatening monsters. I think the planetside setting does plenty to blot out the creepy factor. Cooperative multiplayer also gives it a feel familiar to non-survival horror shooters.

Action! Action! God knows there aren’t enough fucking action games out there. The first two titles sold well as claustrophobic horror titles, but you have to wringgggg (or at least attempt to) every last dollar out.

IHU, Frank Gibeau.