Japan Successfully Broadcasts 8K Signal; Our TVs Hate Themselves

Like your TV? It’s a piece of shit! A carp sandwich. Over in Japan they’re pushing the pace, daring our TVs to not think of themselves are relics. Detritus.


We assumed the gorgeous 8K ultra-HDTVs  we saw at CES  this year were years away. But Japan’s NHK has just completed the  first over-the-air broadcast  of a 7680×4320 signal using UHF frequencies–just when you’d finished paying off your giant HDTV display.

The compressed Super Hi-Vision signal, as the NHK calls it, was broadcast over a distance of about 2.7 miles without any errors on the receiving end. So it’s not like the broadcaster has started blanketing Tokyo in a glorious 8K signal just yet, but it’s an important milestone. And to facilitate all that data, 16 times the resolution of a 1920×1080 HD image, the researchers spread the signal across a couple of UHF frequencies. Which means that one day the government might have to rustle up even more spectrum space if 8K ends up replacing our recently-deployed hi-def networks.

When will technology be good enough? LOL. Never, silly pants.