‘SKYFALL’ TEASER POSTER: It’s Uh, James Bond. Walking And Stuff.

Oh snap! It’s a totally nondescript teaser poster for Skyfall  which to the undiscerning eye could pretty much be a poster for any of the Craig-powered Bondie flicks.


We’ve seen quite a few stills from the new James Bond film,  Skyfall, but even after those and a couple  set visits  that have revealed some details of the film’s plot, the crew promoting  Sam Mendes‘ first take on the Bond franchise has kept the big details quiet. The teaser trailer has been  seen only at CinemaCon  so far, and will hit the web on Monday May 21st at 8.30am BST.

In advance of that reveal, the film’s first teaser poster has gone online today, and in well-established teaser mode, it doesn’t reveal much. It does feature the classic Bond rifled gun barrel, with  Daniel Craig  strolling forward in a composition that echoes the fact that part of the film takes place in the tube tunnels beneath London.