MEGAUPLOAD Founder Kim Dotcom Plans Documentary, Biography and More.

Kim Dotcom is the founder of Megaupload. He’s also a douchebag of colossal measurements (Google him). On top of that though, he’s quite the modern day character, from how he forged his platinum bank account to how he has lived his life. Now if he has anything to say about it, we’re going to be experiencing the Dotcom in a myriad of ways.

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When New Zealand authorities raided in January of this year the $24 million compound of  Kim Dotcom, the indicted founder of shuttered file-sharing service Megaupload, they found with the eccentric hacker a life of self-documentation and promotion. Dotcom was no stranger to showing his lavish lifestyle on YouTube, creating over-produced music videos, such as the  uncomfortable  “Mega Song,” publicity stunts, andtravelogues, even as the government and entertainment world closed slowly in. However, as the eccentric hacker now faces over 50 years in jail on copyright infringement charges tracking more than $500 million in losses, show business types has been quick to forgive, tapping a number of different projects for Dotcom to tell his side of the story.

THR  reports that, according to business associates and close acquaintances, Kim Dotcom is eyeing a documentary, biography, and album for release in the next few years. Actor  Donovan Leitch  is producing the doc, currently titled “Mega Conspiracy,” along with Dotcom’s friend  Alex Mardikian, and  Marc Levin(“Prayer for a Perfect Season”) is in talks to direct, with a distribution deal still in the works.

After the January raid, it seems Leitch, who’s met with Dotcom three times since las fall, and Mardikian immediately began filming every little event for fear of missing a turning point in the case. As a result, the duo have logged roughly 60 hours of footage so far, interviewing Dotcom as well as Megaupload employees named in the Jan. 6th  indictment. While initially the film was to be just a simple account of Dotcom’s legal battle, it has inevitably grown into a examination of content ownership and freedom over the internet. It might also follow Dotcom as he uses his electronically monitored bail to record and electronica album with  Black Keys  producer  Printz Board, slated for release mid-summer. One thing’s for sure though: Dotcom will remain solely as the documentary’s focus. “If it is under Kim’s direction,” Mardikian said, “It is not a documentary, it is a freaking commercial for Mega. That’s what we are avoiding.”

I’ll bite, I’m interested in the documentary. Not so much the electronica album.