EA Spending $80 Million On NEXT-GEN DEVELOPMENT In Upcoming Year

The next-generation is coming! Batten down your hatches! Nothing is safe. You know we’re all fucked proper in this current generation when the Electronic Arts Pig Machine begins dumping the mad money into the future consoles.


According to EA’s results for fiscal 2012, the period from April 1, 2011 through March 31, 2012, it’s been a good year. The publisher saw growth across many sectors, but perhaps most surprising was talk of investing $80 million in development of games for “Gen4 console systems” over the next 12 months, EA’s fiscal 2013.

It speaks to not only when we could potentially get our hands on some new hardware, but is potentially indicative of how much cash a major publisher will need in order to produce games for the next generation of AAA blockbusters. $80 million for one “Samaritan” seems like par for the course, right? That’s how much we imagine it’ll cost to produce one game in Superfuture 2013.

…Though to be fair, what’s $80 million to the Monolith?