‘SKYRIM’ Files Reveal ‘SNOW ELF PRINCE’, And Crossbows. Give Us The F**King DLC.

Listen, Skyrim. I need your fucking DLC yesterday. Here’s hoping these files that were dredged up are confirmation that you’re coming soon. Otherwise I’m going to stab you with ice-hardened tits.


A Bethesda forum member went exploring in the files from the latest  Skyrim  patch, and found several references to “Snow Elves,” including a “Snow Elf Prince,” who has dialogue (we assume it’s all about Purple Snow). There are also files referring to crossbows, and a whole folder called “DLC01.”

The assumption, of course, is that this is content that will be present in future downloadable content, which has been conspicuously absent from the super-popular game to date.  RipTen  speculates, based on some previous in-game lore, that spears might also be present in the unannounced material. We checked in with Bethesda, who told us it had “no comment” on the matter. Sadly, it wasn’t even a “snow comment” pun.

Can we please get this shit done? Please?