‘RETURN OF THE JEDI’ Storyboards Got A Darkness That’d Make An Ewok Shit.

Here’s a flew of storyboards for Return of the Jedi done by artist  David Russell. They come from an exclusive interview over at The Movie Blog, and they’re some dark shit, and definitely echo the more serious currents of the flick. You know, when George Lucas wasn’t having his primitive-compared-to-teddy-bears overthrowing an Empire moments.

Gorgeous stuff.


The final confrontation between Luke, Darth Vader and the Emperor could have looked even more intense, going by these storyboards from  Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. In particular, the Emperor looks sort of like Darth Maul crossed with the Joker, in some of these storyboards by artist David Russell.

These images come from  an interview with Russell over at The Movie Blog, in which he talks about being influenced by Jack Kirby, and his friendship with author Jack Vance that got him in the door at Lucasfilm. There are more storyboards, plus a whole slew of storyboards from Tim Burton’s  Batman, at the link. Check out some more of our favorite images from the Return of the Jedi storyboards in this gallery.