Video: ‘STAR WARS’ Organ Is Circus Music With Force

…Not even giving a measure of a fuck  with the cheesy headlines today. Behold this Star Wars  organ that churns out the movie’s theme with haunting goofiness.


 As a promotion forThe Phantom Menace‘s 3D re-release in Germany, LEGO builders Rene Hoffmeister and Lorenz Lnggrtnr constructed a massive circus organ that doubles as a gargantuan diorama. Explains Lorenz of its mechanics:

We took the four most famous  Star Wars  worlds – Hoth, Tatooine, Endor and the Death Star – and built them on to the barrel, accordingly to the musical composition. When the organ is turned, the bricks touch little mechanical sensors – which strike the keys of a keyboard and play the  Star Wars  main theme.