Rumor: ‘Wii U’ Has $180 Worth Of Parts, To Cost At Least $300

The Wii U has itself some $180 of mediocre parts inside its guts. Sweet! We’ll snag it for a sensible price! I mean, how much do we really want to pay for the Nintendo Tablet-Thing? Hopefully at least $300.


The closer we get to E3, when the Wii U seen there is expected to be the finished product, you can expect rumors on this machine to increase commensurately. Here’s another one. The Wii U’s parts will cost about $180, with roughly $50 of that going to the controller.

That’s according to the unidentified sources of  the Forget the Box media collective has reportedthat the full bill of materials for the Wii U comes to about $180, with roughly $50 of that going to the controller. As Nintendo calculates labor, marketing and other costs, we’re to expect a machine costing no less than $300 at retail.

The sources speak in deep specifics, so visit the full article to read and judge it for yourself. Of note, though, Nintendo is said to be greatly concerned “with cutting production costs to maximize profits,” says one of the unnamed sources. “Nintendo wants investors to view Wii U as a less risky proposition.” As well they should; Nintendo’s stock price is at a seven-year low and its president, we assume, still is  working at a half-off discount following the 3DS’ poor launch.

As for the $300 price, Forget the Box notes that many costs can pile up, such as software, shipping, packaging, among others. So again, $180 is just the raw parts cost. See the link if you want specific prices on the new console’s components.

The Wii U  is an underpowered overpriced piece of crap, and it isn’t even out yet. Yeah, I said it.