Rian Johnson’s ‘LOOPER’ Gets Official Poster. I Get Groin Drip.

Boinggggggggggggggg. The official poster for Looper  has been revealed. I don’t think it’s a particularly fantastic poster, as it seems to riff super-hard on the Source Code vibe. Just ruthlessly grinding all over it. Who gives a fuck though, the poster is yet another herald for the film’s forthcoming release.

Hit the jump to check it out.


If you aren’t yet excited for  Rian Johnson‘s next film  Looper,  what are you doing reading /Film?  by the end of next week I promise you will be. Sony’s marketing campaign begins, as they’ll be launching teaser vignette pieces with  Joseph Gordon Levitt  and filmmaker  Rian Johnson  on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. But of couse, thats all just foreplay leading to the official teaser trailer debut on Thursday, April 12th. Rian screened the teaser trailer at WonderCon a couple weeks back and the audience ate it up (which is saying something when you’re competing in an auditorium next to Ridley Scott’s  Prometheus) Today Sony has given us the opportunity to officially premiere the poster for  Looper.