‘FEZ’ Finally Has A Release Date. Indie Game Arousal Time!

Fez  has been in development for a long, long time. Not Half-Life 3  levels of development, but fuck if that game actually exists. Gabe Newell has deleted two different completed games called Half-Life 3  from Valve’s hard drives. Just cause he can! While that fat bastard ruins our lives, Polytron shall bring some happiness to us in a very short time.


Fez, the perspective-shifting platformer and poster-child for independent gamesdevelopment hell, is ready to go and will arrive April 13,  says its studio, Polytron. That’s  Friday the 13th, a fitting irony for something that’s been in production for more than four years. The game will be offered over Xbox Live Arcade for 800 Microsoft points, or $10.

Radical, man! I hadn’t heard of Fez  until I caught the inspiring trailer for Indie Game: The Movie  at the end of last year. Since then though, I’ve felt this weird emotional investment as I rooted for the son of a bitch to reach completion. You can bet my (not really) hard earned bucks will be thrown down on principle alone.