First Look: Joseph Gordon-Levitt As Young Bruce Willis In ‘LOOPER’ Time-Bulge

I knew when I heard that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was donning  prosthetics  to play a young Bruce Willis in Looper  we were going to be in for a treat. I was right! The delicious warmth of correctness washing over me. This weekend at WonderCon us humanoids got our first look at this JGL-as-B-MFin-W, and it’s a bit ridiculous, a lot amazing.

Hit the jump for the glory.


According to Gordon-Levitt, he went through about three hours of make of a day for the transformation and studied a lot of Bruce Willis’ acting to try and, not do an imitation, but create a character that would grow up to be Willis in 30 years. He said he particularaly focuses on Willis’ character in  Sin City, which is oddly appropriate as Gordon-Levitt’s character in  Looper  looks a little bit like Mickey Rourke’s in that film.