New ‘Resident Evil 6’ Details! No Rocky/Apollo Confirmation. Frown.

All I want out of Resident Evil 6  is a glorious moment where Leon and Chris skip along a beach holding hands and jumping up and hugging. You know, some Rocky III  type shit. New details don’t confirm this, but they do get me excite!!!! for the game.


Details about  Resident Evil 6  are super scant. Today, however, that changes. Today, they are simply scant as the game’s developer shed some more light on the title, providing more info about the upcoming title.

As previously revealed in the game’s trailer,Resident Evil 6  is set in China. Today, Capcom revealed that the setting is a fictional coastal town called Lanshiang.

And Capcom, in today’s release, wanted to set the game’s time period straight: the game takes place in 2013.

RE6  features zombies, who run and jump, as well as use weapons. According to Capcom, they are different from previous  RE  zombies.

The bulbous monster that appeared in the trailer is called “J’avo”. Here’s the official word from Capcom:

“Named by the BSAA after the Serbian word for ‘demon’, the first J’avo made an appearance in the conflict zone of Eastern Europe about six months before the action of Resident Evil 6. The J’avo still exhibit certain human elements–such as the ability to understand speech, work together as a group and use weapons–but they are also incredibly aggressive and a number of their actions have regressed to pure instinct.

When a J’avo takes damage it has the ability to regenerate itself. However if it is receives major damage then it will mutate that affected body part into a number of varied forms, meaning players will have to rethink their strategy and adapt to this unpredictability.

Resident Evil 6  stars Leon S. Kennedy, who was recruited as a government agent following the Raccoon City incident. Joining him is Helena Harper, who is a government agent in the process of transferring to the Secret Service.

Chris Redfield, last seen in  Resident Evil 5, suffered personal trauma in the six months prior toRE6. He joins his colleagues to uncover a major bioterrorist attack.

There’s also a mysterious third male protagonist, too. Capcom still hasn’t revealed his name–though,  it could be Hunk. According to Capcom, “We’re still trying to track down his real identity but we do know this man is a mercenary currently engaged in a bloody conflict in Eastern Europe where reports confirm that B.O.W.s are increasingly being used. One day, he’s told that he is the man to save the world. Whilst he doesn’t understand the implications of this, he does immediately think how much money he can make from it.”

Is anyone aside from me stoked for this? OL multiplayer meet-up or what?!