WoW Sheds Another 100,000 Subscribes. Drops In A Bucket Add Up Eventually, No?

WoW has an unfathomable amount of subscribers, but the MMO to End All MMOs continues to shed them like a colonic-and-amphetamine-powered winter weight loss program. Or something. It makes sense to me.


Thanks to our sister blog  WoW Insider, we’ve got the scoop on today’s  Activision-Blizzard  investor call. The results? Turns out  World of Warcraft  isn’t dying, but it’s certainly seen better days in its record-breaking run.  Blizzard’s flagship MMO now boasts “only” 10.2 million subscribers worldwide (10.3 millionwere reported during the call in November). The company believes the success of the 4.3 patch contributed to subscriber retention, as did the success of the  annual pass; in fact, a million players took Blizzard up on a deal to purchase a year’s worth of  WoW  in return for a free copy of  Diablo III.

They’re dropping Diablo 3 seemingly soon enough, and then all of us who have left the flock of our Dark Master shall come simpering back. Shit, I know I will be. Acquiescing and shit like I ain’t got a spine.