Superman’s Red Briefs Bring Male Enhancement In Malaysia. Swollen Yellow Sun!

In Malaysia, Superman’s red briefs are doubling as a means of enlarging someone’s Hogwarts. Magnets. Red underwear. What could go wrong.

Fashionably Geek:

If you’ve been following news about Superman, you have surely learned that the Man of Steel is no longer wearing his trademark red undies, either in comics or the movie. However, the style is still alive and well as “Superman’s Underpants”  have found their way to Malaysia, where they were equipped with magnets and are being touted as an effective method of  enlarging your wang  and curing impotence.

The fact that the item has become a hot seller has some residents  understandably  concerned:

This could cause a bad influence among the community. Superman fans, especially the men, could be duped into spending thousands of ringgit to buy the product with the assumption that they could gain special powers by wearing them.

Indeed. It was also mentioned that the product is even more inappropriate since the distributor didn’t have permission to plaster residential neighborhoods with ads for the underwear.

I don’t see what could go wrong here. Who else is in for some Super-Engorgo wanging?