Awesome Comments On Old Posts: Superman’s Sexuality.

[Awesome Comments On Old Posts: When someone drags up a post from OL’s past and drops ridiculous nerd love or hate, we’ll let you know.]

I’ve decided to create a new occasional column, and you can figure out the concept behind it from the header above. From time to time on OL and assuredly on other sites as well, some dedicated and emotionally unstable reader (describing 99% of the internet) will lambast either the poster or a commenter. What makes it so amazing is that they’re generally so seething with hate, and they’re so fucking old. Someone dragged the waters of the Internet to find the post, and then smashed the keyboard with  vituperation.

This week started off fucking mint  with a poster named Xurwin hanging five comments about the Superman vs Flash race. Five. Pretty tremendous.  It got better though, ’cause tonight someone named “person” dropped this pretty awesome comment on a post I wrote over two years ago, Plight of the Aging Comic Nerd: The Endless Carousel of Comics:

Pretty awesome, right? He’s right too. If you’ve ever really broken down the panels between Batman and Superman during the Mark Waid run on JLA, one thing becomes pretty evident. Superman is a power bottom. I’m not really sure how that’s germane to the post of mine, but it’s a salient observation.

Cheers, Person.