Valve Employee Tots Trolls Fans By Wearing ‘Half-Life 3’ T-Shirt Around Events.

We, the followers of the Free Man, demand Half-Life 3. Valve laughs at us. Points at us. According to this hilarity, also mocks us with HL3 t-shirts.


It’s not a Photoshop and it’s not a lie. Seattle-based game developer Chandana “Eka” Ekanayake really did see a Valve Software employee wearing a  Half-Life 3  t-shirt at a local developer event last night.

Eka is sure that the man wearing the shirt works for Valve, the great video game company that famously  doesn’t want to publicly discuss  another  Half-Lifeyet/ever/whoknows. But this Valve guy must not be working on the  Half-Life 3  floor at Valve HQ, if such a floor exists.

“I got the sense that this developer knew as much about  Half-Life 3  as we do, which is absolutely nothing,” Eka told  Kotaku. “I asked his permission to take a photo because it was the first sign of  HL3  I’ve seen and I’m a huge fan of the series. I sure hope they have it in development.”

Eka’s company, Uber Entertainment,  is  making  Super Monday Night Combat. Valve? Who knows what they’re doing. Maybe they’re eschewing  Game Informer  covers and just announcing new games via t-shirts. Probably not.