DC Comics Is Named One Of America’s Hottest Brands. Well Done, ‘New 52’.

Whatever misgivings I have with the DC Reboot-Relaunch-Refried Beans, it’s a success. The company is crushing it in sales (though I’m sure Economist Wizards have found ways to dismiss this, frankly numbers are above my head), and they’ve also been named one of My Country Tis Of Me’s hottest brands.

Robot 6:

DC Comics joins the Kia Soul, Goldfish, My Little Pony and several others on Advertising Age’s annual list of America’s Hottest Brands: “With decades of stories under their capes and utility belts, Superman – and other DC characters, including Aquaman and the Flash – had ossified. Though relaunching its entire cast and making their adventures available to print and electronic audiences might alienate some hard-core DC fans, it might also gain plenty of new ones. Making DC characters more popular is crucial for its parent company. While the comic-book business is way down from its heyday, its characters fuel big-ticket Hollywood movies that can generate millions of dollars in revenue and licensing. The pressure may be on DC because rival Marvel, now owned by Disney, has churned out superhero film properties on a regular basis for years.”

Here’s hoping they continue with their fiery icy hotness time, and that it manages to grab the rest of the industry along for the ride.