Chris Claremont Donates His Archives To Columbia. X-Cellent Move. (LOL PUN.)

Chris Claremont more than likely penned your favorite issue of Uncanny X-Men. Unless your favorite issue is one from the Grant Morrison mind-boggling wunder-run. The good sir crafted most of the tales we’ve come to acknowledge as essential X-reading, and now he’s donating his archives to Columbia.

Robot 6:

Longtime  Uncanny X-Men  writer Chris Claremont is donating his archives to Columbia University’s Rare Book and Manuscript Library. The collection includes materials for all of his major writing projects over the past 40 years, notebooks with story ideas, drafts of short stories, plays, novels and comic books, and materials from his early training in the theater and his career as an actor. “We hope this is the first of more comics papers to come to the University,” said Karen Green, Columbia University’s ancient/medieval studies librarian and graphic novel librarian. “We want it to be a magnet for these kinds of archives in New York City, where the comics medium was born.”

Pretty awesome stuff. I haven’t dug on Claremont’s writing in quite the minute, but he’ll forever be the man behind tales that defined the X-Men and a good amount of my childhood for me.