New ‘Avengers’ Photos Highlight Awesome Cap/Iron Man Sexual Undertones. Right?

Nothing like some serious unresolved sexual tension between two posturing alpha males to make your summer comic book movies, pop? Right? Right! Well, anyways. I’m really pumped  for the Avengers, and Entertainment Weekly is stoking that geek boner with a batch of new pictures and some details. Get some!


EW does offer a bit of info on the film:

The whole enterprise is falling apart. Egos, tempers, uneasy alliances and bad attitudes are threatening the group, and failure would be catastrophic.

The article accompanying the cover debut promises a lot of friction between the characters, and that’s good – conflict within the team has always been a part of the Avengers.

It also notes that Downey was constantly pushing Joss Whedon to punch up and rewrite dialogue on the fly, and quotes Whedon saying ““There is a weird element of: they handed me one of the biggest movies of all time, and I’m making it up as I go.” Let’s not make too much of that quote, though, at least not until after seeing the film. Downey pushed the same approach on the Iron Man films, and at least one of those turned out fine.