Joseph Gordon-Levitt Asked Directly About Robin, Plays It Coy. Atta Boy.

JGL continues to keep hope alive for me. I want me a Robin in Dark Knight Rises. Listen man, I’m not talking about some circus motherfucker. I’m talking about a Nolanized version of the character. Simply put: someone who can don the cowl and continue the symbolism that Wayne created in the first movie.

JGL was asked about Robin, and boy did he play a fun game of equivocation.

Daily Blam:

During a recent interview with MTV News, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was asked once again about the possibility his character in The Dark Knight Rises, a Gotham City Police detective, may really be a ruse for Batman’s sidekick:

“You know I can’t have this conversation, man [laughs]… I can’t have this conversation. We’re working on a Batman movie. Batman is a very dear character that precedes the recent Chris Nolan trilogy. I think it’s cool that people care a lot about it and are very interested in what we’re doing.”

A Robin by any other name is still a fucking sidekick. That’s what Shakespeare said. I believe him.