‘Mass Effect 3’ Gets A Release Date, I Fist Pump.

Mass Effect 3 may have gotten delayed out of the 2011 release schedule, but at least I now have a date. A date that I absolutely have to live until.


Speaking at EA’s ongoing E3 press conference, Mass Effect project lead Casey Hudson announced that the third installment of the space-faring series would debut on March 6, 2012. If you let Mordin die, now’s the time to start your previous game and fix your horrible mistake.

Nine months. I can do it. I can! I really can.

Also, there’s talk of the game’s collector’s edition. Fuck yes.


There’s also talk of a  Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector’s Edition. It includes in-game appearance packs, a Dark Horse comic book, a hardcover art book, and an exclusive extended soundtrack, lithograph, and N7 patch. This and instant access to the N7 Arsenal Pack (four exclusive guns) for $79.99.