DC Announces Batman, Detective Comics, Catwoman #1 and More.

Over at Comics Alliance they’re surfing an article from IGN that breaks down a lot of the shit that shall become of the Batman Universe after Flashpoint finishes flashing and pointing at us. There’s news of the creative teams on Batman, Detective, and more. There’s the news of who will be rocking out as Robin. And finally, there’s confirmation that the Batman Universe is about to get a bit 1990’s extreme!

Comics Alliance:

The news came via IGN, who Batman group editor Mike Marts spoke with exclusively about the new Dark Knight initiatives. Marts said that “story first” and “accessibility” will be DC’s priorities with the Batman titles, and that Dick Grayson, the former Robin who recently ascended to the mantle of Batman, will no longer be behind any kind of Batman mask.

“In both Batman and Detective, Bruce Wayne is going to be the main star as Batman,” Marts confirmed. “Bruce Wayne will once again be the only character to be wearing the Batman costume.”

Nice! The only thing going on in the DCU that I was interested in, is going to be phased out. I’m not naive enough to think that Batman INC was going to continue on for the decades to come. It’s just that with Flashpoint and this rebooting, refreshing, refrying, reintroduction or whatever, Morrison and company will have gotten this thing ripped out of their hands before they were done with it. Of course, we don’t need to see what happens when there’s an application of the quasi-fascist Batman doctrine on a global and corporate level. We need more origin stories! Wee!

Batman #1: Written by Scott Snyder, art by Greg Capullo.
Snyder’s current Detective Comics run is excellent, so I’m pretty excited that he’s taking this title. However, I couldn’t care less about Greg Capullo. This isn’t 1993, and I don’t find his artwork compelling in the least anymore. Especially riffing off of one of Snyder’s other partners, Jock.


Detective Comics #1. Written and drawn by Tony Daniel.
Thoughts? I haven’t been following his work.


Batman and Robin #1. Written by  Peter Tomasi, art by Patrick Gleason.
It’s Daddy Wayne and his son rolling out now as B&R.


Batman: The Dark Knight. Written and drawn by David Finch.

I’m pretty non-jazzed about all the reveals. Peeling back all the Flying Rodent development they’ve been doing throughout the last couple of years in lieu of a ‘easier’ start for fans that won’t show up is a significant bummer. As is the jettisoning of Morrison from the titles. Hopefully they have Batman: Infinite Spiral Into Wonderkingdom by him lurking in the wings or something.


For the rest of the breakdown, head to Comics Alliance.