Monday Morning Commute: One Life at a Time

Dark days have descended upon the workweek. Just as the work continues to pile up, I come home feeling fatigued. Although a nap provides momentary refuge, when I return to fight the beast I find it just as formidable but ten times as pissed off. I forge ahead, knowing that that at the end of this five-day torture rack, I will fumble, exhausted and smiling, into a week-long vacation.

Don’t think I’m complainin’ – I know that most jobs don’t include occasional weeks off. But rest assured, my weeks off and relatively low wages are now considered by many the real problem with the nation’s budget. Yeah, it’s totally not the million-dollar missiles we’re hurling at countries whose conflicts we have no reason to get involved in.

Shit. I’m grandstanding. Back to the point. Welcome to the Monday Morning Commute, the spot where I show you what I’m doing this week. If all goes to plan, you then get so excited that you hit up the comments and share YOUR plans. Give’n’take, get it?




Rockin’/The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues

BTBAM’s new EP drops tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited. Okay, to be fair, I downloaded the leak last week, but there’s something about actually purchasing a CD that gets me fuggin’ amped. Artwork?! JEWEL CASE?! Wait, A DIGI-PACK!?!? OH SHIT!

Anyways, this three-song, thirty-minute release is goddamn dense. I’ve listened to it the full way through more than a few times, and I hear new bits every damn time. I think bassist Dan Briggs deserves mad respect – his parts fit cohesively into the audio canvas, but are kooky and insane when you listen for them.

This shit is like Bitches Brew for a new generation.


Stoked For/NHL Playoffs!


As a resident of the Greater Boston region, I’m sure to lose my mind over the series with the Canadiens. I’d like to say that I’m confident that Chara is going to brain-bash enough Canadiens to get the B’s out of the first-round, but I’m actually pretty nervous. But win or lose, this shit is going to be tight.


Snackin’ On/CHOBANI

CHOBANI has been ruling my life as of late. After well over a decade of yogurt-abstinence, I’m back on board. In a big way. This shit is the best tasting, most texturally pleasing part of my day. Even if you’re not down with yogurt, give this Greek-wunder a try.


Metal. Hockey. Yogurt.

That’s my life right now. What’s yours?